Letrix: Classic Word Edition.

Letrix is a highly addictive arcade word game.

It combines the movement and timing of tetris with the word juggling of scrabble. Touch-slide the ever falling lettertiles around the screen to make words, and not just while they fall but when they're stacking up.

Unlike other games you have full control over word making with your tiles.

When you've made a word, you choose when you're ready for it to be counted; allowing you to increase its length or make a combo. A simple tap and your word vanishes while the points roll in, the tiles above falling into the gap.

But beware, if you let a stack of tiles get too tall and hit the Danger Zone at the top of the screen then it's game over!

Control is simple and intuitive, and the visuals elegant.

Letrix has an extensive US and UK English dictionary at it's heart, covering words of three to seven letters. There are 15 levels to test yourself against, with tiles dropping in varied patterns, increasing in speed and number as you progress.

Score-multipliers for combos and longer words reward clever play.

There are two play modes in this edition, Rolling Play: seeing how far through the game you can get, and Stand Alone Play where you can dip in and out of previous levels.

High scores for Rolling Play and individual levels are all recorded, so there's plenty of opportunity to improve your personal bests.

As no level plays the same twice, each time you play it's a new challenge!

Letrix: Arcade wordplay against the odds!