Sketchpad Escape Deluxe

Sketchpad Escape Deluxe is a screensaver application for Mac OS X, available in the Mac App Store.

It's a screensaver about one designer's doodles. Not just any doodles but that tiny percentage that have a life of their own, standing out from the tangle of scribbles and cup rings on the sheet by your keyboard, or the pages of your sketchbook.

Hidden among those scribbles and symbols lurk characters and creatures, drawn and forgotten. Forgotten until the idea for the original Sketchpad Escape came along. Searching through the deep pile of papers and sketchbooks festooned with doodles in my studio I chose sixty-odd that appealed to me.

Scanned, cleaned up, and named, those sketchbook escapees formed the original Sketchpad Escape line-up.

Well, over time that sixty-odd has become 130 doodles, and with it comes Sketchpad Escape Deluxe, which includes a Clock function and complete Colour Control over your doodles' background palette.

I hope you enjoy this screensaver and that it brightens your day, there are plenty more doodles waiting in the wings for future FREE upgrades!


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